Gingerline Group Interdimensional Dining

About Us

We are a bunch of food and drink enthusiasts whose goal is simply to create the ultimate dining experience.

ThumbnailSuz Mountfort

Susannah (Suz) is the bright, sparky creature responsible for creating Gingerline and The Chambers of Flavour. She’s the co-founder, leader, ideas-spinner and motivator. Suz comes from a long line of maternal home cooks – and she loves to experiment in the kitchen. With no formal background in food, art, theatre or design for that matter, she just does what she loves and feels passionate about: Gingerline!

Kerry AdamsonThumbnail

Kerry puts the Ginger in Gingerline (she has BIG ginger hair). Sometime performer and lead singer, she is also Gingerline’s co-founder, Ideator & Project Manager, scooping up ideas in a net and making them work practically! A skilled communicator, Kerry is fluent in the languages of artist, chef, designer, executive, actor, technician and tradesman, seamlessly slipping through cultural barriers to bring the multifarious elements of Gingerline together.


Davy Berryman

Davy is the logistical magician of the Gingerline troupe; the Brains to our Thunderbirds. Starting out many years ago during our chaotic ‘pop-up’ days, his knack for cool headed efficiency combined with boundless smarts helped turn this ol’ project from delightful chaos to well oiled machine.


Hannah Jackson

Hannah is our flavourologically-certified head beverage engineer, and can be found infusing, muddling, shaking, stirring, flaming and occasionally centrifuging premium spirits in the eternal search for the ultimate inter-dimensional cocktail. Since joining Gingerline in 2012 Hannah has trained, edified and lead a team of thirst-quenching technicians to create beverages to bewilder, bedazzle and bewitch. As well as concocting potable potions for parallel realities, over recent years Hannah has also worked with the Sweet and Chilli mavericks on some of their exciting, new ventures.

Lucinda BarberThumbnail

A self-proclaimed stalker of our prior shenanigans, Lucinda is the newest member of the Gingerline team. With several years of experience within the events industry behind her, Lucinda is the mastermind behind taste-centric experiences created by the Institute of Flavourology, our newest venture. With an enthusiasm for edible experimentation, a mind for managing mayhem and just a touch of Ginger, she’s bound to sprinkle a little flavourological magic onto any private or bespoke event that comes her way.