Current Adventure

In December, after 9 months of sold out escapades, we closed the doors to Classic Gingerline Returns for one final time. We’ll be heading underground for a short hiatus, but do not fear, we’ll be sure to pop up at a new secret location soon.

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Absolutely fantastic and unique! Just can't wait for the next one now... we are hooked!
Elliot, Classic Gingerline Diner
Absolutely blew us away, the concept and creativity was amazing.
Georgina, Guest to The Secret Island
Gingerline were the guys who made immersive dining *a thing* in London, and they’re still the best in the business.
Emma Cooke, Buzzfeed, 2016
The whole experience was absolutely terrific, from the anticipation of waiting for the text message all the way through. I have been to one prior Gingerline event which was great and this lived up to that high expectation. I will continue to recommend this to any friend or family member who will listen!
Anon, Classic Gingerline Diner
The attention to detail was outstanding, the logistics and the timing was superb. I really hope there are more events like this in London, it's pure escapism.
Aderonke, Guest to The Secret Island
Gingerline puts the fun back into eating out with its theatrical settings, experimental cuisine and live performances.
Harper's Bazaar, 2015
Gingerline has had a huge impact on London nightlife, revolutionising the landscape of the adventurous Londoner’s dining experience.
Culture Whisper, 2016
Worth every penny, it was not just a night out, it was an amazing experience. I love to make memories, and this will go down as one of my favourites.
Barbara, Classic Gingerline Diner
The quality of the food was incredible. Wonderfully tasty!
Jennifer, Guest to The Secret Island
I had the most amazing dining experience that I have ever encountered. Words cannot describe how fantastic the evening was. The staff, the atmosphere and the whole experience were second to none. Thank you thank you thank you!
Emma, Guest to The Secret Island
Absolutely honestly a masterclass in interactive experiences!
Simon, Guest to The Secret Island
Completely exhilarating from start to finish.
Richard, Guest to The Secret Island