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Brunel Museum Banquet

Rotherhithe November 2010

Gingerline Classic

Gingerline tipped its top hat in homage to Victorian forerunners of the pop-up – the Brunels – who held an underwater banquet in the Rotherhithe Tunnel over 180 years ago. The evening began with cocktails, a film installation and a performance held underground in the former entrance of the tunnel and was followed by a sumptuous banquet within the Brunel Museum.


Smoked eel or [v] pickled beetroot crostini with coddled egg in horseradish cream and watercress


Braised hogget shank with quince and Spices of the Empire or [v] vegetable and herb cobbler served with red cabbage, green beans and toasted walnuts


Claret, Port and Russian jelly trio


Screen-printed menu art, projection, video

Collaborating artists

Emli Bendixen
Video and editing

Kerry Adamson
Music and performance

Rachel Ferriman

Collaborating chef

Jodie Wilson

Thanks to

Alans Antiques
City Beverage Company