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Hoxton July 2019 - December 2019

Chambers Of Flavour

Format: Multi-room

Synopsis: Following the discovery of Flavourology founders Lionel and Eustace Stirling Grey in Chambers V3, The Dimension Centre was created to continue the exploration of the multiverse without need of the Machine. Culinary cartographers were called forth to traverse the dining dimensions by travelling organically through its many portals. Senior Researcher Z set the budding researchers the task of mapping out the multiverse to find out what was at its’ very core.

Our Collaborators: 

Written & Designed by: Davy Berryman & Lauren Partridge

Performance Direction: Lauren Partridge

Performance Co-direction: Patrick Fysh

Story Advisors: Suz Mountfort & Christopher Blackmore

Food Design & Production: Flavourology

Set Design & Production: Stripeland

Lighting Design: Bailes + Light

Sound Design & Technical Programming: Dominic Kennedy

Costume Design: Sarah June Mils, Beth Bullock & Annie Hiner

Make-up Design: Alexandra Vlcek

Filming: Patrick Fysh

Video Content: Emma Nathan

Graphic Design: Chris Hilton

With special thanks to: Gary Bromley, Dan Collip, Paul Gjecaj, Dom Guppy, Jenny McNeill, Rich Knight, Team Audio.

★★★★★ "Nobody does imaginative immersive dining-theatre like Gingerline..."  Londonist
"A beautiful escape for those looking for an adventure..." The Upcoming
“Forget what you’ve learned. About dining. About theatre. ‘Gingerline’ tear up the rule books and serve up something entirely different..."  The Spy in the Stalls
★★★★★ "Wacky and wonderful immersive dining experts Gingerline thrill with their latest multi-dimensional dining experience." Culture Whisper
★★★★  "The food itself is excellent and certainly the most creative I have tried during this type of production" Broadway World
★★★★★ "One would be hard pressed to find a quirkier way to enjoy a five-course dinner in the capital..." West End Wilma
"A highly entertaining, clever and delicious evening out..." Broadway World