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Chambers Of Flavour v1

Secret Location Winter/Spring 2015-16

Chambers Of Flavour

What would happen if inter-dimensional instances entwined? If the boundaries between separate realities became blurred, if there was a convergence of culinary continuums? Well, intrepid travellers… step this way.

Until recently, galloping through the gateways of multi-dimensional gastronomy was a notoriously rickety ride. The art of inter-dimensional exploration was simply not a stable soirée… that was until the elegant engineering of our magnificent Machine; a very special contraption of spectacular proportion and one that opened unprecedented access to the realms of the uncertain.

What Is Inter-Dimensional Dining?

Moving through our magical dining machine from parallel reality to parallel reality, each containing a course of food.

What Exactly Is The Machine?

First designed in 1882 by eminent flavourologist and crack-pot inventor, Sir Lionel Stirling Grey, ‘The Machine’ enabled safe passage for all intrepid explorers through the portals of the peculiar. A fanatical philanthropist and ever-eager appetitist, Sir Lionel possessed an unwavering expectation of home-like hospitality wherever he ventured.

The Machine lay undiscovered for more than a century until our crack team of engineering operatives stumbled upon its existence by sheer accident while scouting locations for one-dimensional dining revolutions and restored it to its former glory.

Having been originally a steam-powered prototype, it’s now powered by the kinetic energy of our very intelligent (but also very fit) egg-head engineers. And with advancements in technology, we’ve been able to create the world’s only sequential shield separator and aesthetically pleasing ‘destination dinnertime’ design.

Experience was magic! Loved it. Gastronomic Experience of lifetime! Cécile Ruhe, Initiate to The Chambers Alumni 2015
Incredible experience. Thank you for taking me into an entire new and wonderful universe! Phoebe Innes-Wilson, Initiate to The Chambers Alumni 2015
Beyond my wildest dreams! It was absolutely incredible and the food was amazing! Rachel Tomkys, Initiate to The Chambers Alumni 2015
Very unique experience. Perfect format. Carolina Andreoli, Initiate to The Chambers Alumni 2015
The creativity and subtle humour at each stop was perfect. I've lived in London all my life and this is the most creative thing I've ever been to. Fabulous on all fronts I only wish there were more and more tickets. Lucy Cranwell-Ward, Initiate to The Chambers Alumni 2015
Really delicious, carefully balanced dishes. The were all memorable which is testament to them as the whole experience could easily over shadow the food, but it didn't. The menu cards are a lovely idea too. Suzy Essex, Initiate to The Chambers Alumni 2015
Insanely exceeded expectations. Felt totally and utterly transported. Erika Panasci, Initiate to The Chambers Alumni 2015
It is a truly amazing experience. I love not knowing what will happen next. Sally Welsch, Initiate to The Chambers Alumni 2015