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Chambers of Flavour V3

Secret Location November 2017 - December 2018

Chambers Of Flavour

Summoned to The Chambers of Flavour by the Institute of Flavourology’s calamitous Lieutenant and General, recruits were tasked with entering the multi-dimensional machine to find it’s inventor Sir Lionel Stirling Grey, who, according to his distress signal, had got himself into a ‘bit of a pickle’


With tracking socks pulled up and palate’s primed, the Rescue Mission Squad were hurtled into Pi’s laboratory where they were equipped for their mission with Flux Vaccine, Zingebar Crystal, Portal Key and Flavour Code.


Fully prepped, the squadron ventured deeper where they met prophesising plants in a mystical greenhouse and interdimensional train driver Steve, who untimely met his end in the seductive siren dimension of Meninx.


Having escaped a monstrous munching with a last-minute saving by Dolly, the squadron shared a birthday feast in their heroine’s Dolls’ House before discovering that she was Lady Eustace, Lionel’s wife, who had been stuck in a dimensional loop unable to leave and without the knowledge of her husband’s pickly predicament.


Using the Portal Key to unlock the Dolls’ House dimension and continue their mission with Eustace leading the way, the recruits find Sir Lionel in his pickle, trapped in the Crème Carousel mirror. Recalling the Flavour code to release Lionel, the recruits witness the romantic reunion of the married Flavourologists on the turning Carousel.


In the nick-of-time before the Flux Vaccine wore out, the General rescued the recruits and inducted them into Chambers’ history at the Sock Wall of Fame.



Experience & Concept Design

Gingerline: Kerry Adamson (Founder, Director), Suz Mountfort (Founder, Experience, Director), Davy Berryman (Operations Manager), Lauren Partridge (Performance Director).

Menu Design and Kitchen Team 

Jenny McNeill & Gingerline's Flavourology

Set Design

Bearded Kitten (, Darling & Edge (

Immersive theatre consultancy and performance direction

Isobel Soden for story consultancy and Thom Mitchell for co-direction

Lighting Design

Bailes + Light (

Costume Design 

Natasa Stamatari (

Puppet Design & Build 

Marina Ralph & Natalie Ellner 

Project Graphics 

Jolyon & Jude Greenaway (

Sound Design and Technical Programming

Lex Kosanke (

Video content

Emma Nathan (

Graphic Design

Chris Hilton (