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Gothic Christmas Special

Rotherhithe December 2011

Gingerline Classic

Past the ivy and through the miniature doorway guests clambered, before making their descent into a dark underground chamber – the old entrance to the Thames Tunnel. This shaft set the scene for a nostalgic performance harking a return to a dark Victorian past. Afterwards, Lord Ginger and Lady Line beckoned guests back to the dining hall to partake in a festive gothic feast of four sumptious courses amongst candelabras, black velvet, baubles and the spirits of Christmas past with nary a turkey in sight.



Potted rabbit with lavender jelly, herb and salt-cured wild salmon, braised fennel salad and grilled parmesan curd with salty soldier toasts


Soft braised pigs’ cheeks with a prune and sage paté wrapped in cured ham and encased in a puff pastry parcel or caramelised shallots with gorgonzola, chestnuts and prune paté wrapped in a puff pastry parcel. Served with cinnamon-braised red cabbage and celeriac gratinzo


A flaming stand of brandied figs with lemon syllabub and almond wafers

Epilogue (cheese platter)

Aged British cheese with relishes and chutneys


Menu art, projection, video, Christmas crackers

Collaborating Artists

Alison Neighbour
Set Design

Emli Bendixen
Portrait Photography

Alice Pennefather
Event Photography

David Green

Naomi Paget, Kerry Adamson, Rose Kentish

Collaborating Chefs

Stephanie Boote
Rose Kentish

Thanks To

Alan’s Antiques