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Juniper Manor

Spring-Winter 2017

Gingerline Classic

In the tasty wilderness of East London, hushed voices speak of an enchanted and delicious pleasure palace called Juniper Manor. A place of such fantastical wonderment and host to a Secret Soirée of gin-fused gastronomic delights, Juniper Manor saw thousands of noble and noteworthy guests embark on a time-travelling journey through the history of the much loved tipple, Gin.

Upon stepping into the Manor’s most treasured Heironymous Clock, diners found themselves propelled back in time to discover pivotal moments in gin-drenched time. From joining the Wherryman on the frozen over Thames in 1789, diners sung and danced their way to 1967 where they finished their journey by cleansing one’s aura and channelling one's spirit animal in The Juniper Forest! So for the final time we sing, 'Here’s to Gin, Here’s to You'!

1789 - Frost Fair

Gin Hot Toddy: Sipsmith London Dry Gin, lemon juice, honey, clove.

Beef, Beer & Oyster Pie: with oyster catsup

1848 - Gin Palace

Gimlet: Sipsmith London Dry Gin, Sipsmith lime cordial, Jack Rudy’s tonic cordial

Spiced Shellfish Bisque: with cured pollock & sea vegetables. Seaweed butter & sourdough loaf

1925 - Gin Got Jazz

Final Word: Sipsmith London Dry Gin, pineapple juice, Creme de Mure, lime juice

Smokey Chipotle Pork: pumpkin purée, fried green tomato, Louis’ fries on the side

1967 - The Juniper Forest

Skinny Dip: Sipsmith Strawberries & Cream Gin with Fever-Tree tonic

Vanilla & Allspice Pana cotta: with apple & thyme infused caramel and pink peppercorn meringue sticks

Rosemary Éclair: milk chocolate icing, rosemary & chilli cream

Bay & Chocolate Truffles


Experience & Concept Design

Gingerline: Davy Berryman (General Manager), Hannah Jackson (Bar Manager & Drinks Design), Lauren Partridge (Head of Performance), Suz Mountfort (Founder, Experience Designer, Director), Kerry Adamson (Founder, Director)



Menu Design & Kitchen Team

Flavourology: Jenny McNeill, Asher Wyborn 

Set Design

Juniper Manor Bar: Darling & Edge

Dining Experience: Stripeland

Performance co-Director

Thom Mitchell, Reuben Feels

Lighting Design

Bailes & Light

Sound Design & Technical Programming

Lex Kosanke

Costume Design

Natasa Stamatari

'One for Tonight’

Tom Velvick and Jennifer from Dead Man Label in collaboration with Laurence Owen

Video Content

Emma Nathan

Graphic Design

Chris Hilton


Rich Knight