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Night At The Circus

Whitechappel January 2011

Gingerline Classic

Drawing inspiration from Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus, Gingerline treated its guests to a Siberian feast accompanied by dancing girls, popcorn vendors, trapeze artists, accordion music and lashings of Fabulous Vodka. Prangsta Costumiers provided the magnificent backdrop and costumes.



Wild boar or [v] butternut squash pelmini with fire-eater sauce and barberry salad


Venison goulash with chocolate and chorizo or [v] mushroom stroganoff with a poached duck egg served with spinach and roast beets and caramelised sweet potato with herb butter


Spiced toffee apple with candied walnuts and vanilla ice cream


Screen-printed and hand-sewn napkins and Russian/English newspapers

Collaborating artists

Mel Wilson, Prangsta Costumiers
Costume design

Emli Bendixen

Collaborating chef

Sarah Jenneson

Thanks to

Fabulous Vodka