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Planet Gingerline

The Hideout Autumn/Winter 2013-14

Gingerline Classic

A tongue in cheek anthropological, gastronomical voyage to Planet Gingerline. Our mysterious starship - The Gingernaught – hosted a bevy of secret visitors who gathered to catch their flight home and dine on the delights of their native Gingerlinean cuisine. Voyagers re-acquainted themselves with their alien ways, performed pre-arrival medical checks complete with tasty inoculations and mysteriously fragrant flora. Serenaded by singing fruits and entertained by our patriotic Gingerlinean dancers, it was planetary anthems and lazer guided cocktails ‘til Saturn came up.


Pre Flight-Protein Pack

A dehydrated vegetable salad with mango and goats cheese lollipops.


Giant squid ink and seafood ravioli on a roast pepper coulis with micro-herbs and a sonic blast of cumin infusion.

The Millenium Falcon

Smokey wild duck ballotine with beef and herb stuffing and a crispy skin shard served with aubergine croquettes, seasonal greens and cardamom infused butternut squash puree.

White Jupiter

White chocolate spheres with lemon vanilla mousse, berries, ginger poppin’ space dust and a disc of poppy-seed caramel.


Kris Zysk
Head Chef

Laura Corcoran
Performance Director

Frisky & Mannish
Virtual Hosts

Lamb & Sea
Graphic Design

Sweet & Chilli
Drinks Experience

Darling & Edge
Space design

Rachel Friere
Costume Design

Ewan Jones

Matthew Floyd Jones

Art Department:
Matt Gill/ Tom Slee/ Liz Young/ Charlie Kelly/ Coralie Bonnet/ Jessica Meek/ Nicola Jones/ Maria Wisniewska/ Oliver Wallace/ Ekavi Whitlock/ Jasper Sutherland/ Millie Knight/ Charlie Phillips/ Matthew Kennedy/ Emma Corck/ Toby Dawe/ Suzie Patrick/ Dominic Kennedy

Special Thanks

The whole service, kitchen and performance crew aboard the Gingernaught!

To Nick, Claire and Mandy at
The Mill Co. Project

The Glow Company
Fever Tree Mixers
Vegware Eco-Friendly Packaging and Containers

Had an awesome night @gingerline last night. I'm pretty sure I see some ginger streaks in my hair this morning... Seema Patel @CocoMinxCakes
@gingerline awesome evening! Great imagination, great fun and some fab new friends :) Leena Mistry @RatanjiRani
Loved the ginger love @gingerline last night. Long live gingers. And the food wasn't half bad either. Becky Turner @bext45
@gingerline you are the Wonderland of dining! Twice I've slipped through a tunnel & spent the evening in another world. Next time I stay! Rebecca Promitzer @RPromitzer
Shhhhh.... They're back!! @gingerline We came. We saw. We loved. #thehideout Oona van den Berg @Hooverit
OMG @gingerline, that was amazing. That is all. Anna Cooper @CrouchEndCoops
Go to @gingerline Hideout. I can't say where, I can't say why, I can't say anything. I just say LONG LIVE GINGERLINE. #parallelrealityglitch Matthew Floyd Jones @mafljo
EPIC experience @gingerline tonight. Book your tickets NOW or miss out on an inexplicable, indescribable thing of ULTIMATE awesome. VVx Bernie + Victy @eastendcabaret
Let the revelry begin! With comparisons to Punchdrunk and You Me Bum Bum Train, this is immersive entertainment at its best (and tastiest). Rebecca Cope, Harpers Bazaar
Gingerline has been working its magic on the clandestine dining scene since it first began in 2010. There’s always plenty of spectacle to match the fine food, making it an immersive dining experience for all the senses, and this year will be no different. Laura Richards, Urban Pundit
The Hideout is set to be Gingerline’s 10th alternative dining event to date – and its most exciting and ambitious at that. Previous events have seen guests submerged in a dive 'n' dine experience in Shoreditch, and enjoying a Bacchanalian booze-up in a candlelit Canonbury chapel. Millie Millikin, Square Meal
Last year alone, the mother of all pop-up dining events fed 10,000 guests over eight sold-out months – and we’re sure they’ll have no problem shifting tickets to The Hideout – an event tipped as the guerrilla gourmands’ most ambitious to date. Time Out
Hardcore organised types looking for a thrill are recommended to book the latest immersive dining event from underground foodie mavens Gingerline. Londonist
The three things that you can always rely on in life are: one – people need to eat, two - everyone loves to party, three - we all go mad over a good secret. So when Gingerline announced that they’re putting on another event that combines all three of these things (and tickets go live on Monday), you can imagine what happened next. We wanted in. Maria Bell,
There are those events in London which you wish you could experience. The ones you long to get tickets for, but never can because it’s not …special, it’s an entirely higher echelon beyond special and everyone and his Uncle want tickets too. Gingerline is back … I Love London Town
If you’re tired of predictable nights out, an evening at top-secret pop-up Gingerline should be top of your agenda... it’s a dazzling feat of creative engineering; presenting fine dining in a traveling art space that’s so convincing it feels like a parallel reality. Amy Everett, Red Online