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Puppeteer’s Workshop

Secret Location Oct/Nov 2011

Gingerline Classic

After winding their way through a maze of doors interspersed with peepholes, shadow puppetry and periscopes, guests entered the curious world of a mad puppeteer’s workshop. With furniture suspended from the ceiling, an eccentric ‘handelier’ and a spattering of single doors acting as performance portals, diners delighted in and dined with puppets from collaborators Folded Feather and The Puppet Barge.



Citrus and beetroot soup with mackerel pâté on sourdough toast


Crispy confit of duck served on a cumin-infused bed of sweet potato and pumpkin mash and seasonal greens with a boozy reduction


Merengue roulade of plums and pomegranate with mascarpone and flaked almonds

Collaborating artists

Folded Feather

The Puppet Barge

Alison Neighbour
Set Design

David Green

Collaborating Chef

Stephanie Boote

Thanks to

Fiji Water
The London Door Company