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Sisterhood of the Gingerline

Canonbury April 2012

Gingerline Classic

According to ancient customs of The Secret Order of the Gingerline, followers must worship fun, feasting, fantasy and all things ginger. So each night, having recruited a new cohort with the initiation of blood and bone, the Gingerliners cast off their masks and cloaks and set to whipping up their congregation into a state of hedonism. Feasting on four further courses of divine delights, guests confessed their darkest secrets via a mobile confessional and marveled at the animated stained glass projection. Priestesses and parishioners supped and danced amongst the pews in a state of riotous rapture.


Blood and bone initiation

Roasted bone marrow or [v] aubergine and baked ricotta served on a parsley and roast garlic salad with caramelised shallots in a pomegranate and salgam syrup. With toasted bread


Lettuce broth with shredded pork hock


Roasted cod and crispy chorizo or [v] salted goats curd with roasted squash and walnuts on spicy red lentils and caramelized onions. Drizzled with mint and garlic olive oil. Served with seasonal greens


Unleavened chocolate almond cake soaked in a warm cherry brandy syrup with mascarpone and a crispy ginger tuile


Red Devil, Ginger Spice and Black Bomber cheeses from the Snowdonia Cheese Company


Menu art, animated projection, confession cards, screen-printed and custom-made tables

Collaborating artists

Parrot in the Tank
Sound, lighting and performance. With Julia Fitzpatrick and Madaleine Trigg

Matt Gill
Props and construction

Alice Pennefather
Event Photography

Susie Jones

Collaborating chefs

Stephanie Boote

Rose Kentish

Thanks to

Sipsmith – Independent Spirits
Snowdonia Cheese Company