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The Faculty of Eatucation

New Cross Summer 2018

Gingerline Classic

Format: Single Room

Synopsis: It was back to school for Gingerline as the Professor, Lab Tech and Guidance Councillor took budding students through their Diploma in Delicious Dining at The Faculty of Eatucation. Divided into houses, students claimed potato points for their team by answering questions in their workbooks on the course’s five topics: Culinary Catalyst, Flavourality, Sense Manipulation, Maxi-wave and Dessert Technology (DT).

Priding itself in being at the forefront of a 90’s education, the Faculty’s interactive programme included, transforming mini-morsels into mountainous meals with the Colander Collider©, blindfolded taste tickling and an informative Sense Ed video, making sure students wore protection (gloves) when ‘experimenting in the kitchen’.

Completing their course with the creation of a piece of edible artwork, the points were totted up and potato points badges were awarded to the winning house. Having completed their Diplomas, the tables were pushed aside for school photos and the legendary FOE School Disco complete with glitter ball and Tina Tuna playing from the boom box until 11pm.


Experience & Concept Design: Davy Berryman (Operations Manager), Lauren Partridge (Performance Director).

Menu Design and Kitchen Team: Jenny McNeill & Gingerline's Flavourology

Set Design: Natasa Stamatari (

Lighting Design: Bailes + Light (

Sound Design and Technical Programming: Lex Kosanke (

Graphic Design: Chris Hilton (

"Let the revelry begin! With comparisons to Punchdrunk and You Me Bum Bum Train, this is immersive entertainment at its best (and tastiest)..." Harpers Bazaar
"There’s always plenty of spectacle to match the fine food, making it an immersive dining experience for all the senses..." Urban Pundit