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The Lost Gardens of Gingerline

Secret Location August/Winter 2014-15

Gingerline Classic

Amid London’s inner city bustle lies a hidden door to the glorious botanical realm of The Lost Gardens of Gingerline. On the auspicious 100 year anniversary of the disappearance of their creator Lionel Stirling Grey, a group of noble benefactors and eminent Flavourologists gathered to enjoy a uniquely British night of eccentric savour and sensory delight.

Observing Flavourological tradition, visitors conversed in the ancient dialects of the insect and bird species and feasted on the bounty of the Garden’s rare produce. They plucked tasty surprises from picnic baskets, experimented with flavoured salts and revelled in the deliciously fishy mysteries of the boating pond soup!

Special thanks to the dedicated members of The Lost Gardens of Gingerline Preservation Society and The Institute of Flavourology.

A Picnic Basket of Savoury Surprises

Salmon & mustard ice-creams with pickled dill, caramelised onion muffin with thyme icing and spiced popcorn

Boating Pond Soup

Iron back veloute, smoked haddock, parmesan and curry caramel oil

Winter garden vegetable and duck ragout/ confit duck egg (v)

Served with citrus & carrot puree, turnip, toasted almonds and roast potatoes with a trio of flavoured salts

The Bee Tamer

Burnt honey parfait, poached pear, butterscotch granola and honey syrup cake


Kitchen Team

Set Design
Darling & Edge

Graphic Design
Asa Taulbut

Drinks Experience
Sweet & Chilli

Art Department:
Nicola Jones, Liz Lilly, Tom Slee, Anais Kirness, Stella Wan

Story and Performance Development
Oliver Wallace, Sarah Annakin and Tim Godwin