Gingerline Group Interdimensional Dining

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Past Adventures

Our desire has always been to create unusual, unpredictable, out-of-this-world dining experiences. From Crystal Palace to Tottenham we’ve been creating nights of delicious dining since 2010. Here are our past adventures:

The Faculty of Eatucation
New Cross
Summer 2018
The Faculty of Eatucation Gingerline Classic
Juniper Manor

Spring-Winter 2017
Juniper Manor Gingerline Classic
Classic Gingerline Returns
Secret Location
Spring - Winter 2016
Classic Gingerline Returns Gingerline Classic
The Lost Gardens of Gingerline
Secret Location
August/Winter 2014-15
The Lost Gardens of Gingerline Gingerline Classic
Once upon a Gingerline…
Winter 2012-13
Once upon a Gingerline… Gingerline Classic
Gingerline Royale
Autumn 2012
Gingerline Royale Gingerline Classic
Sisterhood of the Gingerline
April 2012
Sisterhood of the Gingerline Gingerline Classic
Gothic Christmas Special
December 2011
Gothic Christmas Special Gingerline Classic
Puppeteer’s Workshop
Secret Location
Oct/Nov 2011
Puppeteer’s Workshop Gingerline Classic
Night At The Circus
January 2011
Night At The Circus Gingerline Classic
HMS Gingerline
May 2011
HMS Gingerline Gingerline Classic
Brunel Museum Banquet
November 2010
Brunel Museum Banquet Gingerline Classic