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Story so Far.

Gingerline are the experts of immersive & integrated dining in London and have been the pioneer of the underground dining scene since 2010.

Gingerline uses a unique combination of elaborate set design, art installation, multimedia technology, original scripts & storytelling, audience participation and improvised performance to create out-of-this-world dining experiences.

To date, Gingerline has designed and created 20+ ambitious dining productions. They continue to push the boundaries of what dinner can be and blur the lines between immersive interactive theatre and storytelling through food. Using multi-room elaborate sets, ‘table stages’,  large scale 350 degree projected virtual realities, game shows and even operas as formats through which to present a meal. 

Whilst Gingerline UK takes a small pause they are flexing their creative muscles to introduce immersive dining to new audiences far and wide. 

If you want to talk to Gingerline about how we can work together on your experience or possible collaborations and partnerships please email us.


Gingerline has an extensive network of talented creatives, technical wizards and foodie experts to help create our out of this world and now virtual events.

If you want to talk to Gingerline about how we can work together on your next virtual or live experience or possible collaborations and partnerships please email us.


Hybrid & Virtual Events with Flavourology. 

Flavourology continues to innovate and bring their clients bold and beautiful happenings either in the real world in COVID safe environments, or as hybrid events linking the real world to the virtual.

Their Innovation & Inspiration Pack has five ideas to spark some thoughts in your mind. If you are a company or brand that still needs to keep in touch with your followers, launch a new product, reposition your brand or you have something to celebrate, download the pack now or get in touch with the team. 


Suz Mountfort

Susannah (Suz) is the bright, sparky creature responsible for creating Gingerline and The Chambers of Flavour. She’s the co-founder, leader, ideas-spinner and motivator. Suz comes from a long line of maternal home cooks – and she loves to experiment in the kitchen. With no formal background in food, art, theatre or design for that matter, she just does what she loves and feels passionate about Gingerline!

Kerry Adamson

Kerry puts the Ginger in Gingerline (she has BIG ginger hair). Sometime, performer and lead singer, she is also Gingerline’s co-founder, Ideator & Project Manager, scooping up ideas in a net and making them work practically! A skilled communicator, Kerry is fluent in the languages of artist, chef, designer, executive, actor, technician and tradesman, seamlessly slipping through cultural barriers to bring the multifarious elements of Gingerline together.