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That's right London, We're back!

As the pioneers of London’s immersive dining scene, we’ve spent 12 years honing our craft and this incredible edible journey is our most ambitious show ever!

New locations, new menu, new performances


We piloted this production back in 2018; since then we’ve been working with partners at home and abroad to develop it into something even more spectacular! We’ve woven a new story that will take you to new locations, you’ll meet new characters, enjoy delicious new flavours from (very) far flung destinations.

Once again our guests will tumble elegantly into a storybook land and be enveloped by the handrawn visuals of Fred Campbell, an East London artist. Then the aeronauts will fire up the balloons and take to the sky to find destinations filled with otherworldly magic and exquisite food. Oh, did we mention it will be filled with dance and circus performance? Yep, there’s that too.

An Exceptionally Grand Menu

Our menu’s courses will follow you around the globe, changing in form and flavour as you reach each destination. The dishes will all be completely new, giving both returning adventurers and new explorers something fresh to indulge in.


As always with a Gingerline show, we keep the details secret. But we can promise intrigue and interaction underpinned by flavours both familiar and exotic.


Please ensure you provide as much details of dietary needs or allergies through your Eventbrite booking. The menu can be supplied on request.

For full show details, FAQs and to book head over to the grand expedition microsite.

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